Zimbabwe and Zambia Display Strong Hockey

Zambia’s U18A opened the five-day-long test match tournament (26-30 August 2015) between Zimbabwean and Zambian national teams with a solid 5-1 victory over Zimbabwe’s U16A side. Even with an uneven score, the younger Zimbabwean side gave the seniors from Zambia a challenging time and both sides displayed quality hockey.

The second game, taking place at Arundel turf, saw Zimbabwe’s U18 B team play Zambia’s U16 A team. Carol Nakombe of Zambia broke the deadlock just minutes away from halftime with a clean penalty shot. This goal was a clear warning to Zimbabwe who returned to the second half determined.

Having been awarded a card, Zambia played without a goalie for five minutes in the last quarter.  Zimbabwe capitalized on this opening, scoring an extra goal before Zambia picked up their defense. Zimbabwe won the fast-paced match 4-1.

The last game of the opening day was between Zimbabwe’s U16A and U18A teams. One would have thought it would be a walkover for the most experienced U18 team, but instead the juniors denied defeat more than once with their sharp goalie, Michelle Chatitiyara, having their backs. The U18s also had a very strong defensive side, thus stopping the U16s from converting. The game ended at 3-0 to the U18A team with two of the goals being scored in the last quarter.

The bi-national tournament continues Thursday-Sunday at Arundel from 1-5pm daily, with entrance free for students in uniform and children and $2 for the general public.  Fixtures for tomorrow are:

13:00 Zimbabwe U16 A vs Zimbabwe U18 B
14:30 Zimbabwe U16 B vs Zimbabwe U18 A
16:00 Zambia U16 A vs Zambia U18 A