Chisipite Tennis Challenged in Sun City

Chisipite Senior School’s Tennis A and B teams are gaining valuable experience playing in the Private Schools’ Tournament hosted by Egalite in Sun City, South Africa this week (31 August – 4 September 2015).  Captained by Alexandra Mortimer, Chisipite has sent five member A and B five member teams to participate in the weeklong day competition which includes five teams in the A section and six teams, three of them high school A teams, registered in the B section.

Chisipite Sports Director Martha Banda, who is traveling as the B team manager, caught up with SSN, stating that this tournament was great exposure for the tennis players to compete against an array of well trained students from South African private schools.  She is joined by Farai Karenga who travels as the A team manager.  Enock Tafirenyika, although unable to travel with the girls, is the coach for Chisipite tennis.

On the opening day, Chisipite A faced an uphill challenge against St Andrew’s A, losing 2 matches to 5.  Kirsty Duxbury, the Chisipite 5th seed A player, emerged the outstanding player of the day, winning both her singles and doubles matches.  The B team had a stronger tournament start, defeating both St Andrews B and Kingsmead A teams 4-3.

Tomorrow Chisipite A faces Cornwell Hill, while the B team will play Redhill A.  On Wednesday both teams play matches against Brescia House A.   Thursday, the tournament continues with Chisipite playing Holy Rosary’s A and B teams.