Hellenic Pumped for New Season After SA Camp

Between the 23rd and 29th of August 2015 the Hellenic Academy Boys and Girls’ 1st Team Water Polo Squads traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, for an intense one week pre-season training camp. The 27 Hellenic players were joined by four upcoming Peterhouse boys to make a tour squad of 31 Zimbabwean representatives. The players were accompanied by Mr Brendon Werrett (Hellenic Boys 1st Team Coach), Miss Nichole Ocallaghan (Hellenic Girls 1st Team Coach) and Mrs Lee Hodgson (Team Manager).

Hellenic Waterpolo

The training camp was held at St. Peter’s High School in their incredible Wahoo Indoor Aquatic Centre consisting of three swimming pools, a gym and a cafeteria. Four expert water polo coaches ran the camp all of who have played, or are currently playing, for the South African National Team. The five day camp consisted of five hours of coaching daily, including stretching, cross-fit, swimming fitness, drills, and friendly water polo matches.

In the friendly matches, the Hellenic 1st Team Boys faced mixed fortunes, winning one and losing one against St. Peter’s 1st Team in two matches, and splitting a win and a loss again versus Jeppe High School. The Hellenic 1st Team Girls lost matches against the Wahoo Women’s Team and St Dunstin’s 1st Team but were victorious in a match against the Jeppe junior boys side.

The tough, enduring weeklong tour prepared the players for the upcoming Zimbabwean water polo season. As with any sport, there are always new techniques and skills being developed and discovered in the world of water polo. This training camp has been very educational for Hellenic’s teams;  we look forward to seeing them improving their quality of play by applying their new found knowledge of the game in the upcoming season.