Younger Chisipite B Squad Surprise Opposition In South Africa

Chisipite Senior School’s A and B Tennis teams continued a relatively strong showing against South African private school squads in the Private Schools’ Tournament hosted by Egalite in Sun City.  The traveling B squad, composed of U16 and U15 players, have been particularly impressive, playing against older and more experienced A and B sides from the South African schools.  B squad’s fourteen year old Georgia Allardice has showcased her emerging talent and a fighting spirit, winning against much older girls in her matches.

Tuesday’s matches were close with excellent tennis, but Chisipite A narrowly missed the mark with  losing 3-4 to Cornwall Hill A, with Chisi B defeated 3-4 to Redhill A.  Wednesday was an official rest day for Chisi A, who played a singles friendly against Brescia House A, winning 3 games to 2.  Meanwhile Chisi B faced a a very challenging regulation match against the same side, losing 2-5 to Brescia A.  A Team 4th seed Chelsea Campbell was woman of the match on Wednesday, playing a long and close game to win in the tie break.

Chisipite Tennis
Chisipite A and B Traveling Tennis Squad at the Egalite Private Schools Tournament in South Africa

Thursday Chisipite B squad outshone Holy Rosary B 5-2 in convincing sets.  Both Allardice and Britney Inger won both their single and doubles matches to carry the team.  Although the A team was defeated by Holy Rosary’s A side 2-5, Chisipite 1st Seed player Teagan Mortimer endured to defeat a strong opponent 8-6.

Sports Director Martha Banda told SSN she was pleased with the organized and well-run tournament and considered it great exposure for her student athletes: “The A side teams we have faced here have played a high standard of tennis that is important for our girls to experience.  This year we brought a younger B team and they have gained confidence while holding their own versus senior opponents.”

The tournament concludes tomorrow with the girls returning well prepared to open a new tennis season in Zimbabwe.