Peterhouse Show Who’s Boss in Uruguay

In their last match of their South American tour, Peterhouse Boys 1st XV dominated a fast paced game of rugby to emerge with an astounding 71-0 scoreline against Colegio Seminario Seminoles yesterday (3 September 2015).
Set in the city of Montevideo in Uruguay, Colegio Seminario is a school over 108 years old which boasts over 1900 students.  Expecting a physical game, but facing an unknown opponent, the Kings were prepared for surprises and were at their best fighting best.
This fourth match was the final feather in the touring Peterhouse side’s cap, as they won all four of their games by significant margins.  Overall, Peterhouse amassed 258 points in their four games, with only 19 points scored against them, a true tribute to Kings’ balanced coaching and play on both the offensive and defensive lines.  Coach Andy Ferreira’s expertise was evident in the success of the backline play.
In the opening three minutes of the match in Uruguay, the Kings threw wave after wave of attack at the Seminoles who absorbed the pressure very well. The phases came together and Tom Stubbs went over to score to the left of the poles to open up the Kings’ account.  Stubbs followed with his second try of the match only seven minutes later. Mazvita James “Beefy” Nyamarebvu failed to convert both of Stubbs’ tries.
The Seminole forwards kept the possession away from Peterhouse until Keith Bruce made a break to put Tinotenda Vheriwa away to score in the 17th minute. Nyamarebvu converted this third try make the score 17 – 0.  Tinotenda Vheriwa then received a pass from Adriaan Kok to score his second 30 minutes into the game; with another conversion by Nyamarebvu, the score reached 24 – 0. Tries by Vheriwa in the 32nd minute and Greg Mhindu at the 41 minute mark, both converted, quickly brought the Kings’ clean sheet score to 38-0.
In the second half of the game, those operating the scoreboard must have been as exhausted as those running on the field.  52 minutes into the game Vheriwa scored his fourth try which converted by Brandon Holloway to bring the score to 45-0.  The scores began to shower down on the Seminoles rapid fire when only two minutes later, at the 54th minute Greg Mhindu was given the outside which led to his try and a Holloway conversion.  Immediately after, Holloway outpaced the defense to score his own try in the 60th to change the scoreboard to 59-0.
In the 65th minute Tafara Nyadunu scored, but Holloway missed the conversion kick, leaving the score at 65-0.  The Kings continued to courageously defend their own line, as Rodney Sachiti closed the game with a line breaking run to score. Holloway kicked his last points of the fast-paced match to close the scoring at 71-0.
Kings Coach Dave Kirkman was quick to note that his players were superior in pace.  In a post-game interview he told SSN: “The score does not reflect the intensity of the game. The Seminoles had more possession and gave our forwards a great battle.  Unfortunately, the backs could not contain our pace on the outside.”
Kirkman went on to praise the South America tour experience and all who made it possible: “The Kings represented their country and their school in an impeccable manner. Peterhouse Kings would like to thank all those who made the tour possible: The Rector and the staff of Peterhouse, the Zimbabwe Rugby Union, the Sports Commission and the coaches and parents who pulled together to make this happen.  We would also like to thank SSN for their professional approach to school sport; getting the message out there is the most important contribution to the growth of sport.”
In two weeks, many of us will be crowded on sofas or in sports bars watching the awesome international play of the Rugby World Cup and living the thrill virtually.  For the Peterson Kings, they have had a real feel for international rugby these past two weeks, and have emerged triumphant.