St John’s College Edge Hellenic to Win Bruce Kennedy Trophy

It was a tense final match in the pool at St John’s College, as hosts St John’s Rams faced the Hellenic Knights for the coveted Bruce Kennedy Trophy.  After the score board flipped between favoring each of the sides, the Rams, playing to a home team crowd, edged out the Knights in the last minutes of the match for a 7-6 victory.

St John's Rams pose with the Bruce Kennedy Trophy on Satuday evening
St John’s Rams pose with the Bruce Kennedy Trophy on Saturday evening

In addition to St John’s and Hellenic, the Bruce Kennedy Tournament included teams from St George’s College, Prince Edward and Peterhouse.  The full day tourney ran on Saturday (12 September 2015) from 730am through 530pm with ten first team games with a parallel tournament running with U17 games.

The hosts of this first tournament of the new water polo season have definitely set themselves up as the team to beat, winning all games convincingly on Saturday.  The Rams beat St George’s 8-2, secured an 11-4 victory over Peterhouse and slammed developing side from Prince Edward 20-0.

The Rams U17 side similarly won all of their matches including a 5-0 defeat of Hellenic, an 8-0 victory over Peterhouse and a 5-1 win over St George’s.