Swimming Season 2015-2016 Under Way

The temperatures are starting to soar, the jacarandas have bloomed bright purple, exams are around the corner.  All of those signs also point to the start of the Zimbabwean swimming season.

Yesterday (25 September 2015) Matabeleland Swimming held their annual Matabeleland Pentathalon, a special swim event where competitors in U10 through 17+ categories each swim five events: individual 50m races in each of the four strokes as well as a 200m medley.

The fastest male competitor in the Pentathlon was CBC student Brendon Cyrianos, whose total time for the five events was 4:32.72.  The only other two boys who finished in under five minutes were 15 year old Bruce Dale who completed in 4:34.31 and 14 year old Falcon student Liam O’Hara in 4:42.47.   The fastest girl to complete the Pentathlon was 14 year old Siduduziwe Mswabuki who finished in 5:39.21.

Bulawayo also saw the inaugural girls inter schools gala today (26 September) at Girls College where the hosts swept 1st and 2nd place with their A and B teams.  Dominican Convent finished in 3rd place followed by Midlands Christian in 4th.

Meanwhile in Harare, Mashonaland Swimming held their first seeded gala of the season at Les Brown Pool last night.  One noticeable aspect was the small number of 15-16 and 17+ swimmers in some categories.  On the senior girls’ side, Peterhouse’s Lorna Doorman and Cerise Dingiswayo were at times the only swimmers in their races, and the absence of former Chisipite student Ratidzo Mutangadura was noticeable from the field.

Dominican Convent also hosted an Inter-schools girls gala this afternoon with Chisipite’s B team given that many A swimmers were involved with water polo in full gear at Chisipite this morning.