Chisipite Girls Continue Dominance In The Pool

Usually people remember individual stars when it comes to the sport of swimming – locally it’s our Golden Girl Kirsty Coventry who attended Dominican Convent, and more recently for women’s swimming Tarryn Rennie who studied at Hellenic Academy, who have gone onto the international stage. However, swimming becomes truly a team sport at an inter schools gala such as that held Saturday morning (3 October 2015) at Arundel School.


Chisipite Senior School’s A team showed their depth as a swim team, dominating the gala in most events from start to finish and taking the trophy with 310 points, a clear 42 point lead over second place finishers Peterhouse Girls who concluded with 272 points.

Dominican Convent, who have developed their swim program at the primary school with vigor over the past few years, came third with 215 points.  Hellenic was narrowly in fourth with 211 points, with hosts Arundel fifth with 164 points and Gateway in sixth place with 52 points.