Zimbabwe Water Polo World Youth Qualifiers Team Lists

Today (11 February 2016) kicks off the African Qualifiers for the FINA World Youth Water Polo Championships at Hellenic Academy.  Zimbabwe’s boys’ team faces both Egypt and South Africa, while the girls face neighbors South Africa.  The men kick off with a match against South Africa this evening at 5pm.

SSN will be covering the championships.  The girls team draw from players from Chisipite, Girls College and Hellenic.  The boys hail from Falcon, Peterhouse, St George’s and St John’s College. Here are the team lists:

Zimbabwe U19 Girls
Name High School
Emma Balneaves  Chisipite Senior School
 Kim Balneaves  Chisipite Senior School
 Chelsea Karimazondo  Chisipite Senior School
 Meghan Keefe  Girls College
 Jodie Lightfoot  Chisipite Senior School
 Sam Mare  Hellenic Academy
 Jamie Maidwell  Girls College
 Courtney Pritchard  Girls College
 Hayley Smith Chisipite Senior School
 Ocean Smith Hellenic Academy
 Melissa Viljoen Girls College
 Chelsea Watson Girls College
 Amanda Wood Chisipite Senior School


Zimbabwe U19 Boys
 Name  High School
 Brent Michelson  Falcon College
 Dudley Lenton  Falcon College
 Aidan Onorati  St John’s College
 Tom Reid  St John’s College
 Tim Smith  St John’s College
 Luke Lister  St John’s College
 Ryan Hounsell  St John’s College
 Ryan Rusch  St John’s College
 Ross Oatley  Falcon College
 Travis Landing  Peterhouse College
 Graham Shepherd  St John’s College
 Riaan Scheepers  Falcon College
 Cody Rensburg  St George’s College