Mashonaland Squad for National Championships

From 29-31 January 2016, the Mashonland Squash Championships took place in venues across Harare.  While the girls competed at St John’s College in Borrowdale, the boys competitions were spread among Belgravia, Highlands and Old Georgians Sports Clubs.

Here are high school winners from Mashonaland who will compete in the national Zimbabwe Squash Championships during Half Term, this weekend, 19-21 February.  The girls and boys’ U19 competitions will take place at St John’s, while the girls and boy’s U16 will be at Old Georgians.

U14 Girls
Position Name
1st  Kaitlin Craven
2nd Jade O’Donovan
3rd Hayley Foster
4th Amy Tennant


U16 Girls
Position Name
1st  Hannah Mannion
2nd Vimbai Malamba
3rd Nicole Canary
4th Danai Jongwe


U19 Girls
Position Name
1st  Polite Mubure
2nd Carley Barton
3rd Vivyan O’Donovan
4th Kuzivakwashe Mudungwe


U11 Boys
Position Name
1st  Rukudzo Midzi
2nd Aiden Jinnah
3rd Michael Westoff
4th Tendekai Haparimwi


U13A Boys
Position Name
1st  Kameran Jinnah
2nd Nick Paul
3rd Daniel Bezuidenhour
4th Mark Johnson
U13/U14B Boys
Position Name
1st  Brian Bissett
2nd Matthew Westoff
3rd Jeremy Lock
4th Mahmoud Elbrick
U14A Boys
Position Name
1st Harry Lawton
2nd Aeden Martin
3rd Ryan Landman
4th Damian Shaw


U16 Boys
Position Name
1st  Tayne Turnock
2nd Kyle Tenkrooden
3rd Jason Burl
4th Miguel Roscoe
U19 Girls
Position Name
1st Callum Lawton
2nd Luke Mannion
3rd Ethan Porter
4th Nick Joughlin