Falcon, St George’s and St John’s Featuring at St Alban’s Cricket Festival

While most of the private school community relaxes this weekend, relishing the Half Term break, three Zimbabwean high schools have sent their top cricketers to participate in the Independent Schools Cricket Festival taking place at St Alban’s College in Pretoria, South Africa.

Falcon College, St George’s College and St John’s College are participating in the four day tournament which started on Thursday (18-21 February, 2016).  All three schools have participated in the tournament previously, but not all in the same year together, bringing a strong Zimbabwean contingent to the South African high school cricket scene for the 2016 version of the festival.

St John’s opened the tournament with a two day match against Kearsney, while St George’s faced Woodridge and Falcon played against Clifton.  The man of the match for the first day of the whole tournament was St John’s College student Michael Balfour who took 8 wickets for 33 runs in 14 overs and made 58 runs against Kearsney on the opening day.   Together with Balfour, Greg Dollar and Jayden Schadendorf made an impressive innings for St John’s.

Kundai Chisveto and William Geach were top scored for St George’s for the first day with 35 and 19 respectively.  For Falcon stand-outs with the bat were Jaure with 28, Hinmers with 25, and M. Conolly with 24.

After the first day of the festival, St Johns was 209/9 against Kearnsey.  Falcon ended the day 190 with opponents Clifton 213/8 after 68 overs.  St George’s was102 with Woodridge 229/4 after Day 1.  The festival continues throughout the weekend bringing much needed experience to these three school teams, as they continue with their first term season in Zimbabwe.