Zimbabwe U18 Teams to CANA Water Polo Champs

Four U18 teams of 10-11 student athletes each are off this weekend to participate in the CANA Zone IV Water Polo Championships to take place in Durban, South Africa from 7-8 March, 2016. Coming off of the African qualifiers which were held at Hellenic Academy last month, the teams are in top shape and hoping to impress down south next week.

The Girls’ A Team is captained by the team goalkeeper, Chisipite Senior School’s Chelsea Karimuzondo and the Boys’ A team by Brent Michelson of Falcon College.  For the B Teams, Megan Keefe of Girls College, Bulawayo is the Captain for the girls’ side and Conor King of St John’s College for the boys.

Tyrone Jardine and Sarah Shonfeld will be coaching the girls, with Brendon Warrett and Craig Kesson coaching the boys. Zimbabwe Aquatics Union President Mary Kloppers will travel as the Team Manager, with Shae Trivella as the Assistant Manager.

Here are the full lists of the teams that will travel to represent Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwean U18 Teams for CANA Zone IV Tournament in Durban
Zimbabwe Girls A  Zimbabwe Girls B Zimbabwe Boys A Zimbabwe Boys B
Chelsea Karimuzondo Megan Keefe Brent Michelson Conor King
Jodie Lightfoot Charlie Brice Luke Lister Riaan Scheepers
Samantha Mare Kristen Hopper Tom Reid Sean Bryce-Rogers
Sydney Cockcroft Taya Trivella Ryan Rusch Rhys Drage
Chelsea Watson Melissa Viljoen Ryan Hounsell Chris Duffield
Hayley Smith Jamie Maidwell Graham Shepherd Jordan Edwards
Kim Balneaves Amanda Wood Travis Landing Martin Eeson
Courtney Pritchard Montana Langridge Cody Rensburg Dylan Ferguson
Emma Balneaves Alexie Terblanche Tim Smith Chase Onarati
Ocean Smith Dayna Bond Aiden Onarati Connor Tomlinson
Kayleigh Hunter Ross Oatley Luke van Breda